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Small Businesses Drive BTB Sales, Abacus Finds

Small businesses accounted for the majority of BTB purchases from direct merchants last year, according to a report released yesterday by Abacus.

The 2005 Abacus Business-to-Business Industry Insights Report reviews 2004 business purchasing activities of the 350 companies enrolled in the Abacus B2B Alliance database. According to the report, companies with 1 to 49 employees accounted for 67 percent of purchases from direct merchants for a total of $2.7 billion. Large businesses — those with 100 or more employees — produced 25 percent of sales. Midsize companies, with 49 to 100 employees, yielded 8 percent.

Small businesses were most likely to make a purchase last year, with 29 percent of all small business contacts buying something. Only 21 percent of midsize business contacts and 19 percent of large business contacts made a purchase last year.

However, purchases from large businesses were twice as valuable on average and twice as large as purchases made by small businesses.

A range of industrial, manufacturing and transportation companies spent the most last year, totaling $1.3 billion in sales. This was followed by: business and legal, $894 million; finance and insurance, $597 million; health, $493 million; retail and restaurant, $447 million; education, $385 million and government, $256 million.

Despite their No. 7 ranking, government contacts had the highest average order size and highest spending per contact. The retail and restaurant category was the least valuable on a per-contact basis.

Other findings:

· Magazines/newsletters/books are 18 times more likely to be purchased by the health industry than the average.

· Computer purchasing is highest in business and legal services.

· Electronics, gadgets and tools are five times more likely to be purchased by heavy industry.

· HR/training/seminars are five times more likely to be purchased by government than the business average.

· Business and legal service and finance/insurance customers are more likely to buy gifts and food than any other group.

· Finance/insurance and health are most likely to buy cards and stationery.

· Ad specialty products have the highest penetration in the education market.

· Computer and furniture categories realized the highest spend per contact.

· Abacus provides cooperative data, data management and analytical services to catalogers, retailers and business-to-business marketers.

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