Singer Direct debuts online media network

Singer Direct, a strategic business unit of the Omnicom Media Group, has formed an online ad network for transactional network called Online Media Network.

The Online Media Network is powered by Singer Direct’s Live Decisions marketing tool and lets marketers use transactional e-mails to target consumers by their demographic make-up and purchase behavior.

“Advertisers are looking for brand relevancy and looking to reach consumers in a targeted way online,” said Sandra Roscoe, EVP at Singer Direct. “With this offer, marketers can target consumers based on targeted demographic and purchase behavior.”

The way it works is that when a customer makes a purchase at an e-commerce site of a brand using this technology, it is run through a demographic database prior to an e-mail order confirmation being sent out. Then based on a customer’s demographic, an ad is served within the transactional e-mail, either from the brand or from a third party advertiser. For example, an advertiser who wants to reach men age 25 to 30 can look at a customer’s purchase and demographic and then send a targeted ad based on its e-mail.

While Roscoe did say that some Singer Direct clients are already using this new offering, she declined to disclose whom.

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