Senior Network Teams With Alzheimer’s Association

The Senior Network, Stamford, CT, is teaming up with the Alzheimer’s Association in hopes of raising nearly half a million dollars in donations from corporate sponsors.

Similar to its “surround sound” diabetes campaign for Kmart, this campaign will contain two separate direct marketing efforts. First, the full-service marketing, communications and consulting firm will drop 200 direct mail pieces to a range of national corporations to sign them on as sponsors.

“The companies we are going after are going to cover the spectrum,” said Harry Abel, senior vice president of The Senior Network, which specializes in the 50-plus population. “There will be packaged-goods companies, airlines, as well as some pharmaceutical companies. Before we send anyone a mail piece, though, we have to be sure they qualify in regards to what we are trying to do, and we want to make sure that they have had some previous relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association.”

Among those that may be contacted are Ross Labs, Kodak, Whitehall Robbins, Kimberly Clark and United Airlines.

The “Memories Are Worth Giving” program outlines how corporations can market their products and special offers to more than 25 million seniors around the country. By taking part in the program, sponsors get to use the association’s logo and will be promoted in the association’s public relations activities in its top 25 chapter markets.

Once a corporation decides to take part in the program, it then chooses which part or parts of the “surround sound” format it wants to market its products and offers through.

The marketing campaign of the sponsors’ products to seniors is expected to start in April and run through June.

Key elements of the campaign will include national advertising on The Senior Network Report wall magazine. It reaches more than 4 million seniors in senior activity centers. Participating sponsors also will be able to take advantage of special digest-sized inserts in Modern Maturity magazine, a bimonthly publication that reaches more than 37 million 50-plus readers. Sponsors can get their offers in front of 100,000 seniors at the top-five-attended senior expos held throughout the year.

Another prong of the surround sound program is the Senior Network Web site ( where offers and promotions will be posted.

Within the travel essentials sample pack provided by Group Travel, sponsors will be able to get product offers in front of 10,000 Group Travel leaders and 2 million other travelers.

A point of purchase will wrap up the program. According to the firm, it is currently in negotiations with two retailers, a drugstore and a mass-merchandiser, that will provide in-store merchandising and promotions for sponsors.

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