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The Wednesday Stack: Salesforce Announces Cloud Integrations

At Connections 2018 in Chicago today, Salesforce will make product announcements for its marketing, sales, and service clouds:

  • The integration with Google Analytics, previewed at Dreamforce last November, continues to take shape. Users will now be able to view consumer insights from both Marketing Cloud and Analytics 360 in a single Salesforce dashboard.  In addition, Marketing Cloud data is now available within Analytics 360 to deliver tailored web content to individuals based on their interactions with Marketing Cloud campaigns
  • Creating audiences in Analytics 360, then activating them in Marketing Cloud  — the first time Google has allowed Analytics 360 audiences to be activated outside the Google eco-system  — will be available in beta in July
  • Doubling down on cross-cloud experiences on the Customer Success platform, an integration between the Marketing and Commerce Clouds will create Commerce Journeys, allowing users to trigger next actions based on customer behavior and transactions (e.g. abandoning a shopping cart or opening an account)
  • Similarly, an integration between Commerce and Service Clouds will enable customer service to become more agile, with agents being able to access real-time commerce data within a single Service Cloud dashboard
  • Service Cloud’s LiveMessage capability (two-way mobile messaging) is now available in 17 additional countries

DMN is at Connections this week, and will be taking a closer look at these, and other, announcements.


We already identified Falon Fatemi as a cool start-up founder, and now her company, Node, has been acknowledged by Gartner as a “cool vendor in CRM sales.” According to Gartner, “by 2020, 30% of all companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes.” Node uses AI to surface leads at scale by analyzing web behavior and matching it to attributes of clients’ target customers.


Video marketing’s been on our minds quite a bit lately here at the DMN office. And according to a new report from Wibbitz, it’s been on the minds of marketers lately, too. Findings show than more than half of marketers surveyed are using video in their strategies today. Where are they finding success? Marketers say social is a big winner, and in turn, energy is focused on creating short-form content to promote brand awareness, products and services.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at video marketing best practices, check out our recent webcast on “5 Steps to Revamp Your Video Marketing.” 

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