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Retaining Customers on Facebook

retaining customers on facebook

Facebook has several tools that allow businesses to both attract potential customers. But also to retain the existing customer base of a business. Aside from the usual Facebook page that a company needs to have, as well as an account with Ads Manager, there are a few other tools that companies can use in retaining customers on Facebook that are actually native to the company. Businesses can use these tools to improve customer retention strategies and streamline conversions.


With the right type of content, companies can invite existing customers to keep making purchases with the business and encourage their loyalty. These types of customers are especially incentivized with cross-selling and upselling strategies. To re-engage the existing customers to retain them for a long period of time, companies need to get their loyal customers to start sharing their own content related to the company and then re-share that user-generated content. For instance, companies can encourage their past customers to share their experiences with the company by writing a review. Then, the company can share those reviews with its followers on Facebook.

Other types of user-generated content include photos of the products, or even videos of them using the products. Companies can share this content themselves to develop a deeper relationship with the existing customer base. Plus it reaffirms the loyalty they already have. Another way that companies can focus on customer retention strategies is through retargeting options on the Facebook Ads Manager. This is a great way to further cultivate any past loyal customers. Additionally, the best thing is companies get a chance to automatically retarget all their ads to anyone that has previously interacted with the products. Companies get a chance to cross-sell and upsell solutions to the customers that have already made a purchase from the company in the past.


Companies that sell physical items can rely on the Commerce Manager to promote their solutions. There are two different options for these businesses. The first is using Facebook Shops. The company gets a chance to create its digital storefront on its Facebook page. This can then be used to make sales both through paid and organic content.

Another option is to create a product catalog that’s going to integrate into the native Facebook ads through the e-commerce manager on Facebook. This product catalog gives companies the option to place their products in sets. This can then be used with the sales funnel on Facebook to advertise a select group of products from the business instead of the entirety of its catalog.

Additionally, tie in email marketing efforts with Facebook ads to connect with potential customers outside of Facebook. To do that, the company needs to incorporate its email marketing platform of choice into the Facebook ads. Simply ask potential customers to sign up to receive an email from the business. Or ask to give away their email address to access some sort of gated valuable content. This is a great way for retaining customers on Facebook.

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