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Rebranding’s main squeeze is e-commerce site

In a marketplace flooded with beverages marketed to the health savvy consumer, how big a splash can another juice company make? When it comes to Red Jacket Juice’s presence in grocery and other retail stores, the answer is probably: not a very big one.  When considering the brand’s e-commerce store, powered by Pollen Brands however, the answer could be: quite a substantial one.

“The popularity and convenience of the Internet has transformed consumer thinking and behavior,” noted Brian Nicholson, cofounder of Red Jacket’s distribution company HealthBx. Sure, then the e-commerce addition is sensible step, but it’s also one other companies can learn from and consider implementing. Red Jacket Juice can keep its loyal fan base well within access, while also appealing to new — for lack of an existing term — juice snobs.

When we think of what we can buy online, we don’t usually think of beverages other than hard to find drinks, or those that have limited store presence. Now that redjacketjuice.com allows customers to order 12-ounce and 32-ounce packages of juice throughout the brand’s three lines — blends, stomps and ciders — the company is hedging its way into the territory of specialty items, which could work in drawing consumers and establishing a fanbase.

Without this e-commerce platform, the news of Red Jacket Juice leaking into a national retail isn’t groundbreaking. The brand touts that its juices are “made from whole fruit” and are “never from concentrate” — but these are familiar descriptors for any juice connoisseur. But give someone a way to shop online, and there’s a Kool-Aid we all can sip.

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