QVC, Discovery Link for On-Air Sales

QVC Inc., West Chester, PA, and Discovery Communications Inc., Bethesda, MD, plan to air a two-hour broadcast on Nov. 2 to sell educational and entertainment products.

The show, airing from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. eastern standard time, will be broadcast live from the Discovery Channel Store in Washington, DC. QVC reaches 67 million TV households.

Hosted by QVC’s Steve Bryant, the program will include a tour of Discovery’s flagship store, which includes a museum. Calls to Discovery were not returned by press time.

“Though our partnership with QVC, Discovery is bringing its rich history of real adventure and exclusive merchandise to a much broader audience than ever before possible,” said Greg Moyer, president and chief editorial and creative officer of Discovery Communications Inc., in a statement.

The merchandise for sale includes a frog-sound clock, a video and book about John Glenn’s upcoming return to space, a video about the Titanic cruise ship, a telescope, amber jewelry, a Discovery-branded denim shirt, a replica of a sabertooth cat skull and a Japanese miniature Zen stone garden.

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