Prime Response Adds Wireless Application to Portfolio

Prime Response Inc., an integrated relationship marketing company focusing on customer relationship management, expects to unveil its [email protected] Wireless technology on June 29.

The application will allow marketers to send personalized, targeted messages to consumers' palm pilots, cell phones and other wireless devices.

Through wireless marketing, a company can offer event-triggered communications. An airline, for example, could send frequent fliers information about hotels where they can stay if a flight is canceled.

The technology also captures customer and behavioral data to calculate what information is relevant to consumers. This will prevent companies from cluttering small cell-phone screens with unwanted sales pitches, according to James Carling, chief technology officer and founder of Prime Response Inc., Cambridge, MA.

As a result, the company expects wireless marketing messages to yield significant response rates and to create strong customer relationships, Carling said.

“It's a huge market,” he said. “There are 400 million-plus wireless subscribers and 30 percent annual growth rate.”

The use of wireless devices to transmit information is expanding rapidly. Some 78 percent of the U.S. population will use cell phone data by year’s end vs. 3 percent last year, Carling said.

For the most part, consumers will participate via short message service, sending short, text-based messages. Next year, however, Carling anticipates that wireless devices will function more like Web sites.

The new application rounds out the company's portfolio of direct marketing channels. It currently helps business customers reach consumers through direct mail, call centers and online marketing such as e-mail.

The product will launch officially in Boston at the DCI-CRM show as well as in London at the eCRM Show on June 29.

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