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PR Tips for Enterprise and SaaS Tech

pr tips for enterprise

With good public relations efforts, companies in the enterprise and SaaS tech industry can generate more trust with potential investors, reach the target audience and convince them to convert, and motivate other potential talents to join the business. At the very least, the right public relations efforts can be used as social proof for any future potential customers for a company, and even the people that won’t convert. This way it’s important for companies in the enterprise and SaaS tech industry to invest in public relations efforts. No matter how small the business might be.


Great ways exist for a company in the enterprise and SaaS tech industry to grab the attention of relevant media outlets and target audiences. This is by developing an original study that will help others figure out customer trends and insights. For example, an enterprise or SaaS tech startup can create a survey. It includes the preferences of the type of customer service the target audience wants to receive.

The results from that survey are going to be relevant to plenty of other companies, researchers, marketers, and more. Not to mention, there’s also the fact that search engines also prefer to see original research from companies. Compared to other types of content. That means by linking to surveys in scholarly studies, companies can increase their ranking on search engine results pages. Because search engine algorithms consider them as a sign of authority and credibility. Additionally, original research can generate a lot more website traffic. And an increase in website traffic is a definite signal of a credible and trustworthy source to search engines. This can further improve the ranking of a website.


According to studies, most journalists tend to ignore over 95% of the pitches they receive from companies and individuals. Instead, most journalists prefer to find different story ideas on social media platforms. Additionally finding them on search engines, digital newsrooms or press pages, and company websites. However, that doesn’t mean that every single company should stop sending its pitches through social media platforms or via email to target journalists.

This information simply means that companies need to invest additional time and effort into creating a media or a press page on their website. This is going to be a place where they can add all of their newsworthy and share-worthy company news. As well as any other type of content that might be of interest to journalists that are looking to learn more about the company or its solutions and talk about it in their content. Furthermore, companies in the enterprise and SaaS tech industry should also be conducting keyword research. This is to better understand which types of keywords, both short, and long tail, are popular with both the target audience. Additionally, what is popular with journalists to increase their chances of being found by them in an organic manner.

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