Pinkberry to accept Google Wallet at 69 retail locations

The frozen yogurt franchise Pinkberry will accept payments and process coupons through Google Wallet, an NFC-powered Android app for smartphones, at 69 of its retail locations, said a Google Commerce blog post.

Google Wallet, which the company rolled out May 2011, is designed to store credit card and coupon data directly on a mobile device. Customers with Google Wallet can tap their phone on a point of sale (POS) kiosk to transfer payments or redeem discounts.

As part of the promotion, Pinkberry will give consumers who use Google Wallet in 69 locations throughout New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles a 10 percent discount on frozen yogurt through April 30, the blog said.

“Pinkberry customers can now pay and redeem coupons with one simple tap of their phone at the register,” said a Google spokesperson. “We’re excited to have Pinkberry join a fast-growing ecosystem by demonstrating how easy it is to implement the Google Wallet SingleTap experience.”

Other brands listed by Google that use SingleTap, which allows companies to accept payment and process coupons and discounts, include Banana Republic, Bloomingdales, and Jamba Juice. Brands that use Google Wallet for “tap and pay”, which can only be used for purchasing, include Jack in the Box, Duane Reade, and Radio Shack.

As part of the promotion, Google and Pinkberry will be hosting free tasting events at two of the stores locations in the Los Angeles area, where consumers can also try out the app.

The frozen yogurt company, which could not be reached immediately for comment, did not specify if this would lead to a roll-out to all of Pinkberry’s stores.

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