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Pandora Turns Up the Music with New ‘Sound On’ Campaign

Earlier today, Pandora (NYSE:P) unveiled its new brand narrative platform and campaign, “Sound On.” Inspired by the power music and sound have to make each life moment better, the new narrative celebrates the role Pandora has in connecting listeners with the music and audio content they love.

“Every life moment is deeper, more meaningful and more enjoyable when experienced with the sound on,” said Brad Minor, VP, Head of Brand Marketing, Pandora. “At Pandora, we’re obsessed with helping our listeners live their lives at full volume, by turning the sound on with the right music and audio content at the exact right moment.”

According to a company statement, the ongoing strategy for the brand’s narrative will be to seize cultural moments and demonstrate how Pandora makes that experience better through its product features and content — including playlists, offline listening and podcasts.

As a brand marketing campaign designed to reach listeners at scale, across the country, the first manifestation will be a 360-degree, multi-channel brand campaign rolling out nationwide in Q4 — focused on the precise moments during holiday travel that we all experience. This campaign will take a precisionist approach — developing 1,200 iterations of creative to reflect the specific culture and tenor of each location. In other words, Oakland will be different than Nashville, etc.

“Because the first Sound ON campaign is focused on holiday travel, our media plan will center on key travel hubs like the Atlanta airport, Penn Station and San Francisco’s BART trains,” Minor said. 

From November 2018 through January 2019, Pandora’s campaign will be featured in high-traffic travel centers across airports, buses and railroad stations in Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Oakland, San Francisco, and more. Pandora will also run a custom 250-ft LED billboard at the World Trade Center station’s Oculus transportation hub in New York City.

It’s an exciting time for Pandora, in an industry saturated with key-players like Apple Music and Spotify. The campaign sets the stage for the future, for how the company plans to connect with listeners in a more personal manner. 

“Our new brand narrative draws on our heritage while also taking us into our next phase of growth,” said Lauren Nagel, VP, Executive Creative Director, Pandora. “We’re [looking to] further establish the unique role we play in connecting people to the music and audio content they love through effortless, personalized and innovative ways.” 

The initial holiday travel campaign is just the beginning for Pandora’s Sound On campaign. The company plans to continue extending the brand into key cultural and life moments that Nagel feels can instantly be transformed by turning the sound on. 

Phone out. Beats on. Press play. 

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