Oracle Makes New Addition to Its Marketing Cloud

Oracle added a new weapon to its marketing cloud arsenal today with the acquisition of Maxymiser, a company known for A/B testing and software that parses out metrics based on customer segments. An Oracle statement announcing the deal, which did not disclose terms, credited Maxymiser with being in possession of the “most powerful solution for optimizing Web and mobile customer experiences.”

Maxymiser is the latest plum to be picked among a slew of recent marketing cloud acquisitions among Oracle,, and Adobe. The New York-based Maxymiser’s client list includes Calvin Klein, HSBC Bank, Lacoste, Lufthansa, and Wyndham Hotels. Optimizely is one of its competitors.

The canned quote from Oracle’s press release expresses the same hopes for multichannel relevancy and personalization that accompany all of these acquisitions. “Companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways to differentiate their brands while increasing both ROI and loyalty based on optimized customer experiences,” was the reasoning behind the buy attributed to Thomas Kurian, Oracle’s president of product development.

Based on its segmentation analyses, Maxymiser’s cloud-based software can deliver customers predictive offers and product recommendations based on their online behavior.

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