Oracle Announces Enhancements to its Marketing Cloud

Oracle today announced further seeding of its Marketing Cloud with elements from its Eloqua, Responsys, and BlueKai acquisitions. The updates promise users heightened content marketing abilities, increased mobile options, and look-alike modeling for customer acquisition.

BlueKai’s data management platform makes its initial impact on the cloud by enhancing its ability to build models from current customer data to identify and capture new customers. “The BlueKai platform lets users accomplish this in more of a push-button manner,” says Steve Krause, group VP of product management for Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Further Responsys integration now gives Oracle users the ability to send personalized push notifications to mobile devices, either singly or in concert with cross-channel marketing programs. “We’re using a concept called orchestration,” Krause says, “taking a single channel and orchestrating it into cross-channel. The news here is that push is coming out of its silo and getting into the mix.”

To help marketers obtain better results from their emails that are opened on mobile devices, Oracle has introduced a responsive design preview that automatically lets cloud users see how their emails will appear on several different mobile devices. The company also made enhancements to SMS text functionality to make the method easier to integrate into campaigns.

“The mobile wave is absolutely crashing onto the shore,” Krause says. “So whether it’s via apps or SMS or email, this thing is going to go one way, and that’s the way the customer wants it to go.”

On the content marketing side, interface enhancements to the Responsys platform have facilitated the orchestration of  content across email, SMS, Web, social media, push, and display. Central to content creation, says Oracle, is its marketing calendar, which marketers can use to align content and integrate activities from third-party vendors as well as within the Marketing Cloud.  

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