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One on One: Eric Hawkinson on Print

Many years ago now, perhaps around the time that the first Kindle was introduced, the merits of print media were defended in the face of a perceived existential threat. Yet even today, with digitization showing no signs of slowing, paperback books are not rare on the subways, and printed newspapers are a staple at every coffee shop. Only at their peril do marketers overlook a striking opportunity to reach consumers, and in this episode of One on One, Canon’s Eric Hawkinson shares his comprehensive vision of how the printed page (and birthday cards) fits within the noisy multiscreen world of 2019. Hawkinson serves both as VP, Marketing, at Canon Solutions America, and as Senior Director, Marketing, Canon U.S.A. Inc. He recently stopped by the DMN offices to discuss the findings of Canon’s “Print for Action” survey with Chris Wood.

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