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One on One: Elo Umeh Explains African Markets

The Terragon Group creates marketing software to help brands make measurable connections across the multi-million consumer African market. As CEO Elo Umeh explains in this fascinating conversation with Kim Davis, that doesn’t just mean offering software solutions to African brands; it means offerings for U.S. and European companies —
and major multinationals like Unilever and Samsung —
to sell into Africa.

The differentiator for Terragon is that, unlike Salesforce for example, its software is designed to reflect the composition of a very different market —
where using a landline rather than a smartphone is often an indicator of affluence, and where consumers are willing to spend money, but not to a Western cadence. What’s more, Umeh says, they’re not “betting on the Internet” alone, in a market which is overwhelmingly using prepaid phone accounts.

Take a look at the world of marketing with an executive who has stitched together a programmatic advertising stack, a DMP, and a CDP, for a very different market.

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