Of Course There’s Now Emoji-Based Ad Targeting on Twitter

Sensing a shift in how people community online – and certainly on social media – Twitter announced that advertisers could now target people based on the emojis they use. 

The perfect example, used in countless articles (including this one), is serving ads for tacos to someone who used a taco emoji. It will be interesting (and illuminating) to see which advertisers seize upon the more opaque and multi-meaning emojis like the eggplant and prayer hands/high-five.

The examples Twitter gives are:

  • Connect with people based on their expressed sentiment
  • Target people who Tweet food emojis 
  • Reach people based on their passions

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, Twitter says brands and agencies must work with select, approved adtech/agency partners AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, SocialCode, and 4C.

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