Nextmark, Marketing Information Services merge

Nextmark Inc. and Marketing Information Network (MIN), formerly competitive providers of mailing list tools and other direct marketing resources, have announced their merger.

“We had been serving the same market, but had different approaches — ours was more technological, while [MIN]’s was a more service-oriented, editorial approach,” said Joe Pych, president of Hanover, NH-based Nextmark. “We realized that we had these complementary strengths that when put together could have some good applications.”

MIN president Scott Chilcutt will take the title of VP of the Marketing Information Network division of Nextmark, and remain employed at MIN’s Edmund, OK, headquarters. Both Pych and Chilcutt were adamant that little would change in the day-to-day business of the companies, which will join under the name Nextmark Inc.

“Right now, from a customer standpoint, nothing changes — same people, same phone numbers, same support,” Pych said.

He added that while the companies will continue to integrate over the next few months, with the NH office taking over most back office operations such as software development and marketing, he did not foresee any staff changes at either location.

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