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More than Half of Snapchat Users Opened, Watched Branded Content

Marketers take note: Brands are finding success stories with Snapchat.

More than 50% of Snapchat users will open a brand’s story, and more than 85% of them will watch the entire story, according to a report entitled “Snapchat Quarterly Report Q4” by Snaplytics.

The report also discovered that 64% of new brand followers will search for brands by the username, while approximately 25% will use Snapcodes and less than 10% will use deep links.

“It’s the only social network where marketers aren’t seeing a decline in reach,” said Thomas Cilius, founder and CEO at Snaplytics. “With 161M daily active users on Snapchat, brands are quickly learning this is the go-to outlet because it allows them to engage their brand ambassadors and deliver content that really resonates with people, in real-time.”

In the fourth quarter, brands averaged three Snapchat stories per week and 13 monthly, with the most updates often occurring between Wednesday and Saturday, creating potential for Sunday and Monday in the future.

The average Snapchat branded content contains 11 snaps or less, with the beauty and non governmental organization industries finding success with as many as 17 snaps.

“It is essential for marketers to be creative and build followers quickly since our research shows that recommendations and calls-to-action made through Snapchat are much stronger than what is accomplished with Facebook or Instagram,” Cilius said.

This was proven through several case studies included in the report, such as McDonald’s Deutschland, which hired an outside agency to handle its Snapchat account to great success. One of the companies more interesting strategies was to print out their Snapcode on their menus and share it constantly on other channels, allowing them to organically create a larger follower base.

Snapchat’s challenges come in the shape of it being tough to get random followers.

Snaplytics’ report was based on a data foundation from more than 500 brands, 24,180 stories, and 217,000 snaps.

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