Millard Starts Co-Op Database of Small to Midsize Lists

Millard Group announced yesterday the launch of the Millard Group Cooperative Database, its new-to-market co-op for small to midsize consumer lists.

“The whole idea behind the creation of this database was to enable these list owners to add enhancements to their files,” said Jim Long, vice president, sales at Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH. “We often get requests from small to midsize list owners for data enhancements, and the files are generally too small and the costs associated with enhancements are too prohibitive for them to do it on an individual basis.”

Mailers do not have to be participants in the database to use the file. By adding the enhancements, participants likely will attract new users to their files that may have been unable to use them before due to lack of selectivity, Long said.

The database is open to any small to midsize consumer list owner. The rule of thumb is files under 800,000 names, though one participant to join in January has about 850,000 names, Long said. The database has eight list titles and more than 2 million names. Participants are mainly publishing files, though catalog and other types of consumer files can join.

The database is 100 percent direct response sold and enhanced with Equifax data for selections such as age, income, presence of children and lifestyle interests. Base price for the database is $90/M with additional selection charges. Millard suggests this database for offers including magazines, books, catalogs, financial services, fundraising, travel and CD clubs.

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