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Microsoft releases Silverlight 2

Microsoft has released Silverlight 2, a solution meant to aid in the creation and delivery of Web applications.

Silverlight 2 improves upon Silverlight, which was launched over a year ago and now reaches one in four worldwide consumers with access to Silverlight-enabled computers. Sliverlight 2 utilizes new tools and features such as deep zoom, advanced content protection, a comprehensive network support, and cross-platform and cross-browser support to allow Web developers and designers to create more accessible and secure user experiences.

“Silverlight represents a radical improvement in the way developers and designers build applications on the Web,” said Scott Guthrie, corporate VP of the .NET developer division of Microsoft. “This release will further accelerate our efforts to make Silverlight, Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Studio the preeminent solutions for the creation and delivery of media and rich Internet application experiences.”

Microsoft also plans to improve and further develop Silverlight with Eclipse Foundation’s integrated development environment. Microsoft will continue offering support for open source communities and provide new tools to developers.

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