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MicroBilt mixes reward program with Twitter

MicroBilt launched MicroBilt Connect, a loyalty program that gives customers rewards points for Twitter referrals, May 27. MicroBilt is a provider of fraud prevention, consumer financing, debt collection and background screening tools for small and midsize businesses.

The company’s goal is to more accurately attribute ROI to its social media initiatives. It worked with Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists on the program.

“We’ve figured out a way to track any Tweets that go out through our customers to a prospect that actually comes to us and becomes a customer,” said Brian Bradley, EVP of strategy and marketing at MicroBilt. “So we can associate our new customers with any of those referrals, and the ROI can be traced directly to the customer that referred the new one.”

The MicroBilt Rewards program offers customers points towards items including office equipment, hot air balloon rides, tickets and trips. Reward points accumulate when a search or report is requested from MicroBilt.com.

“We started thinking how could we use Twitter to connect to those loyal customers, reward them for Tweeting about us and reward them for actually referring customers,” Bradley said. “We have a program to reward direct customer referrals, or through another channel, like e-mail, and this is a new way to do that.”

MicroBilt has embraced social media since its partnership with comedians Rhett & Link on the YouTube video series, “I Love Local Commercials.” The information provider sponsored the vignettes on humorous commercials for local companies.

“The success of that program has been an eye opener for all of us — it’s been a catalyst for us to continue to find ways to use social media,” Bradley said.

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