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MetaResponse Group and Adrea Rubin win new clients

MetaResponse Group and Adrea Rubin are among the list managers who can boast new client wins during the first days of this year.

MetaResponse Group has won list management of the Jigsaw Business Executive Masterfile, while Adrea Rubin has secured the Children’s Better Health file.

The Jigsaw file reaches decision-making executives at companies in the United States and Canada. The data is collected and updated in a collaborative method by individuals who are Jigsaw members.

The MetaResponse master file contains more than 5.1 million records across 440,000 companies.

Jigsaw is a Web 2.0 company, which creates an interaction and community with its members.

Selects include geography, job function, job title, industry, company size, and telephone numbers.

This file could be used for business-to-business offers, seminars, books, newsletters, magazine subscriptions, financial offers, Internet service provides, computer hardware and software, and executive gift items.

Adrea Rubin is managing the Children’s Better Health file, which provides health and fitness material for parents to use in educating children from preschool through elementary school levels.

There are 90,000 individuals listed in the file at a base price of $35/M

The titles are devoted to an instructional approach that combines fun with learning.

Health and fitness materials are professionally written and include illustrated stories, games, and puzzles that stimulate young minds while teaching the fundamentals of health, nutrition, safety, and exercise.

Parents that subscribe to CBHI publications on behalf of their children have above average incomes and educational levels.

Other list managers who have reported new clients in the past few days include Direct Media Inc., MeritDirect, Lake Group Media Inc. and The Cornerstone Group of Companies.

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