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Marketing Books: Harness the Power of Knowledge

Every good business strategy requires effort, expertise, and knowledge. Don't have it all? Experience firsthand the power of marketing books.
Every good business strategy requires effort, expertise, and knowledge. Don’t have it all? Experience firsthand the power of marketing books.

Every good business strategy requires effort, expertise, and knowledge. Don’t have it all? Experience firsthand the power of marketing books.

Knowledge doesn’t just appear. It comes from a variety of sources, most commonly a book. What if one single piece of knowledge could change everything? Here’s a list of the seven best marketing books for 2022.

The Age of Influence by Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer discusses the importance of influencer marketing in The Age of Influence. Therefore, you may be asking, what’s next in marketing?

Chances are you’re dabbling with digital marketing. However, it costs money and takes time. Additionally, working with influencers is another essential marketing channel. Furthermore, it is now ubiquitous. It includes individuals who have never heard of you. However, it also includes many who already know, like, and trust you. For example, it might be your employees, partners, customers, or social media followers.

Key points:

  1. Influencer marketing is about building long-term relationships. Therefore, it’s not just about one-off campaigns.
  2. Digital impact is applicable to every organization in any industry.
  3. You may work with influencers in many different ways. However, not all of them need payment.
  • Find the book at: www.nealschaffer.com

Brand New Name by Jeremy Miller

Every business owner and marketer must name something. Therefore, in his book Brand New Name, Jeremy Miller illustrates how to name or rename anything. In addition, Miller’s process is straightforward and strategic, making it accessible to anyone.

Choosing a brand name is one of the most essential business decisions you will make. A great name identifies your brand and can impact your company’s destiny. Therefore, discover how names persuade and stick in people’s minds. In addition, read about the genesis tales of renowned brands in Brand New Name.

This is a practical how-to guide. In addition, it has plenty of examples and inspirational stories to help you develop a name you can be proud of.

Key points:

  1. A visually appealing branding guide for naming and renaming anything.
  2. Create an unforgettable brand name in 2–4 weeks using this proven method.
  3. How to unleash your creative genius and your team’s creative brilliance to solve tough issues (like naming).
  • Find the book at: StickyBranding.com

The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton

Behavioral science reveals what drives people. However, it does not show what they say drives them. These insights can be easily applied to marketing, as shown in The Choice Factory.

In addition, Shotton examines the nuances of targeting and how marketers should approach it. Therefore, this book is fascinating to anyone interested in commerce and human behavior. It’s one of the best marketing books if you want to understand daily decisions and what makes us tick.

Key points:

  1. Simple behavioral science applications can boost marketing.
  2. Marketers should consider their target surroundings as much as their intended audience.
  3. Behavioral science is best applied laterally, not literally.
  • Find the book at: www.astroten.co.uk — or Twitter: @rshotton

Brand Identity Essentials by Kevin Budelmann, Yang Kim

Brand builders typically lack the structure and methodology to make an impact. Thankfully, Brand Identity Essentials defines the tools. Furthermore, it illustrates how to establish great brands through examples of world-class design.

This second volume is written by brand experts Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim of Peopledesign. It includes hundreds of fresh images and text. In addition, it includes a brand assessment checklist and a course curriculum. These are for teaching the principles of brand building.

Key points:

  1. Brand Identity Essentials is a daily resource for brand builders.
  2. Core brand design ideas are presented through examples from design luminaries. They feature people such as Design Army, Alan Cooper, Multiple, Collins, Pentagram, and others.
  3. A brand-building approach can help you make decisions and create systems. Therefore, the Brand Identity Framework provides a guide to everyday decisions brand builders make.
  • Find 100 Brand Principles at: www.peopledesign.com/brand-identity-essentials

They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

This book is not based on theories or nice ideas, but on a proven roadmap and framework. Most firms won’t follow its concepts owing to fear, tradition, and an old-school mindset. Furthermore, this is your full roadmap to becoming the most trusted speaker in your space.

This book will help you break down the walls between sales and marketing. In addition, it will persuade your sales staff to use content in their sales process every day. This is one of the best marketing books because it is blunt. In other words, it doesn’t mince words. You’ll love this book if you prefer honest, concise, and insightful writing built on common sense concepts.

Key points:

  1. Today’s digital buyer is different. Therefore, we must be willing to discuss topics that no one else in the industry will. These include cost, problems, comparisons, and competition. This book shows you how.
  2. Most ‘content marketing’ falls short of its promise due to a lack of sales department involvement.
  3. This book will teach you what positions to hire and what positions to avoid.
  • Find the book at: www.marcussheridan.com

The Business of Social Media by Angela K. Denton

Social media marketing can be difficult for small business owners. Therefore, this book teaches you what to post and when to post. In addition, it shows you how to target your message to the proper individuals to grow your business.

Social media marketing is about creating relationships with potential clients and customers. Additionally, throughout the book are checklists and suggestions on what to do and when.

Key points:

  1. The daunting nature of social networking becomes doable if you grasp the basics. Therefore, you can build a digital strategy that promotes brand exposure and revenue.
  2. Pitch to your specialty. In other words, know who your target consumer is and how to offer enticing information. Your online presence is crucial.
  3. You only need to be on the platforms where your potential clients and customers are. Therefore, knowing your niche will help you find your way.
  • Find the book at: www.venturewrite.com

In the Google ranking algorithm, hypertext links continue to play a big part. The number and quality of links linking to a website’s page directly affect the ranking. Therefore, the keywords and ranking positions of that page are strongly affected.

Additionally, links from relevant websites in your vertical are earned through “Link Building.” Furthermore, premier practitioners provide detailed information in the second edition of the Ultimate Guide to Link Building.

Key points:

  1. Links are important in how Google decides which pages to display for specific keywords.
  2. Link building is a doable skill. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you work alone, for an agency, or for a Fortune 500 company. The truth is, you may learn valuable link-building approaches and expert advice.
  3. Check out the newly updated section on “building links from individuals you already know” to get started.
  • Find the book at: www.bookstore.entrepreneur.com/product/ultimate-guide-to-link-building/

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