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With the Monarchy Behind Them, Are Harry and Meghan the World’s Biggest Influencers?

The last month or so has been eventful for the House of Windsor. After months of speculation and tabloid rumors, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have quit their full-time royal duties. They will no longer receive public funding, nor will they serve the Queen in the capacity as senior royals. They agreed to pay back the public funds used to renovate their home at Frogmore Cottage, and will instead split their time between Canada and the United Kingdom. They will forfeit the “His/Her Royal Highness” style but keep the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Both Harry and Meghan and Buckingham Palace have released statements, and everything seems settled.

Well, there’s the question of how they will make a living, but it seems it won’t be a problem. The Duke and Duchess have ten million followers on their Instagram page. At the height of her popularity, Meghan Markle had three million followers on her Instagram page and ran a lifestyle blog before her engagement to Harry. Meghan worked as an actress before marrying into the royal family, and she has signed on to do voiceover work with Disney. Harry, who has been vocal in the past about mental health challenges since his mother’s death, will no doubt find causes he believes in to speak out about.

Conceivably, Harry and Meghan could make their living as influence marketers. Here area few reasons why this could be a viable career path.

They are their own brand. Harry and Meghan, in less than two years of marriage, have developed their own brand voice as independent, emotionally open, and politically progressive. They are wildly popular in the U.S. and Canada, and brands that want to get noticed may turn to them for their approval—and may have to pay handsomely to do it.

Meghan is a style icon. Despite the consistently negative press coverage, whenever Meghan has stepped out in a new outfit or accessory, the brand she has worn have sold out within minutes. Imagine if Meghan appeared in a commercial or Instagram post for makeup or a handbag. She could certainly benefit from being a clothing ambassador.

They are focused on experiences. Instead of constantly being beholden to Buckingham Palace, Harry and Meghan are free to invest in causes that they are passionate about. They already did so as royals, and now have more free time to pursue a wider variety of projects. Documentaries, public service announcements, commercials, calls to donate to a foundation or charity—all of these efforts can make a difference, and cement the Sussexes as an experience-first couple.

They are digital natives. In their thirties, Harry and Meghan have the opportunity to appeal to a younger generation of consumers who may not remember Diana, Princess of Wales. Instagram will allow the Duke and Duchess to connect in real-time with consumers, and it can function as a platform for whatever they wish to draw attention to. Anything they decide to write about will go instantly viral.

Turns out marketing can be a good career path, even if you’re a member of the British royal family.

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