Marketing agency CoreElement will now offer Act-On software to its clients

Marketing agency CoreElement announced today that it was signing up with marketing automation software maker Act-On for its multi-channel marketing efforts. In addition, CoreElement will also offer the use of Act-On tools to its clients.

Beaverton, Oregon-based Act-On is a top rated marketing automation platform which caters to small and mid-size companies. In addition to powering CoreElement’s own marketing programs, Act-On will be used for lead generation and branding activities for the agency’s mostly industrial B2B and B2C clients.

“Act-On is the total package,” says Bob Parina, president and creative director of CoreElement. “We have been able to consolidate our disparate marketing technologies, and no longer have to cobble together numerous systems to accomplish what Act-On can do.”

Act-On says it beat out other automation platforms that CoreElement demoed including HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce (Pardot). On the surface, it may just be another customer acquisition for Act-On, but it’s significant in this case because it’s a marketing agency. By going through an agency, Act-On not only wins a customer, it gets another party to do its sales and marketing. Coming through a trusted agency, it would receive a hefty stamp of approval as well as credibility, as new customers demo it.

This is the latest in a series of good news for Act-On. The company recently received $42 million in funding and was given one of the highest customer ratings in TrustRadius’ annual marketing automation buying guide.

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