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How Does your Company Benefit From Loyalty Management via Mobile Applications?

There are more than 2.5 billion smartphones in the world. Depending on the country, an average user spends between two and five hours per day browsing their phone. Mobile technology is increasingly popular and easily accessible, and this trend is going to continue in future years.

Making phone calls, which was the original purpose of the telephone, is not even its main function anymore. We use mobile devices to check social media, weather and traffic on our way to work, to take pictures, listen to music share files, etc.

More and more businesses adjust their marketing plans, mostly loyalty programs, to include mobile channels. After all, this is what clients want:  73% of smartphone users prefer mobile accessible loyalty programs, and 59% would join a loyalty program that offered a smartphone app. Needless to say, mobile loyalty is trending and will soon become a standard that cannot be ignored.

In order to prepare yourself and your company for a loyalty program management system, consider the biggest benefits of mobile loyalty programs, listed below.

1.  Focus on switching from desktop to mobile

In 2016 we witnessed a major breakthrough: the number of people using the Internet on mobile devices surpassed PC/laptops users. Smartphones, more personal, smaller and accompanying us at all times (especially the younger generations), became a “third hand”.

The popularity of smartphones resulted in the growth of application and phone payment markets. There is no need to carry around a wallet filled with debit, credit and loyalty cards, when you can have them (and more) right there in your phone.

2.  Offer more customer value

A mobile app creates an opportunity for you to be visible and noticed. You can push location-based notifications to lure customers to your shop, offer them personalized discounts based on their preferences or special deals if they are app subscribers, and provide them with real-time points updates. Everything is there for the client’s convenience. Learn from the best: Starbucks allows their users to pay directly from their app, McDonalds offers special discounts for meals only via their application, H&M lets you spend points on selected promotions – the list goes on and on.

3.  Educate customers about your brand

The mobile app can be an encyclopedia about your brand. Inform users about new products and offers, and provide them with detailed information and visuals about your company and products.

Moreover, if your app is installed, the company logo will be visible on a user’s phone screen at all times. Prepare a nice icon for your application and it will be there on the smartphone screen every time the user scrolls and swipes to reach the app they want to use. There is a big chance that they will catch a glimpse of your app’s icon.  So, when the time comes to use services such as yours, you will have the advantage of being subconsciously remembered.

4.  Customer service can be efficient

A mobile app makes you available to the clients 24/7. No matter what the time is or where the client is, they can always reach you through forms and messages. They do not need to call a number and wait for ages, or log in to their mailbox and write an email. Everything can be processed conveniently via the loyalty app. Poor customer service leads to losing clients, and a well-prepared mobile app can make a difference in customer communication regarding claims, questions, suggestions, orders, etc.

5.  More transactions – more profits

Instead of calling or using websites, clients prefer to use mobile applications. Carpooling apps such as Uber are the best example of this. You just pick a destination, click order and you can see a car icon approaching your destination on the screen. The whole experience is flawless: ordering, location setting, payments, complaints and compliments are all one click away.

Access to a well-made application will make your clients use your services more often, which means they will spend much more. Techcrunch calculated that more than 35% of Black Friday gifts in 2017 were bought via mobile devices.[3]

6.  Gain more information about your customers

Thanks to location services and social media plugins, you can gain real-time analytics about what, when and where your clients buy. You cannot overestimate the power of gaining massive amounts of quality data about your clients and products at the same time. You will learn what products are the most popular, understand clients’ behavior patterns, pinpoint the busiest hours and days and apply that knowledge to grow your business and improve marketing strategies.

7.  Competitive advantage

Your competition might not have their own mobile apps yet. So create your own mobile loyalty base now, because when the time comes you will either be the one with the most advanced technology, grabbing most of market share, or the one who is late and collecting scraps.

You can find more benefits here.

Where do you start? First, you need to find an experienced provider to advise on the best solution for you and tailor an offer to your needs. A good example is Comarch Loyalty Management, with multi-channel features and mobile loyalty management for business. Just remember, your customers will be more willing to hand over their money as long as you provide them with a great mobile loyalty experience.

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