List Briefs: 21st Century Debuts Cyber Buyers File

21st Century Marketing Inc., Farmingdale, NY was named list manager for the new-to-market Cyberguys mailing list of buyers from this online catalog and Internet retailer.

The Cyberguys list has more than 86,200 last 12-month buyers of computer parts and accessories. The file is 69 percent male, 74 percent at home address and the average unit of sale is $103.

Selections on this list include recency, dollar, gender, home address, business address and geography. The base price is $140/M.

21st Century recommends this file for offers such as home PCs, electronics, software, financial services, subscriptions, gifts, general merchandise, travel and others.

ALC Offers Consumer Magazine List

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ took over management of the Utne magazine subscriber file.

The Utne magazine list has more than 77,000 active direct to publisher subscribers to this independent publication covering the environment, the economy, politics, pop culture and more.

Subscribers are 52 percent female with a median age of 48 and average household income of $89,400.

The file is selectable by recency, business address, gender, gift giver, gift recipient, source, renewals, geography and expires. The base price is $117/M.

Direct Media Introduces Non-Profit File

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT announced the first-time availability of the WFMT Chicago Non-Profit Radio Members file.

The Chicago Non-Profit Radio Members file has more than 19,200 active last 12-month members who have paid $40 for an annual membership to this classical music and fine arts radio station.

Members are 50 percent male and selectable by geography, active members and lapsed members. The base price on the file is $80/M

Adrea Rubin Adds Avrick Lists

Adrea Rubin Management Inc., New York has assumed management of the following five new list segments from Avrick Direct Inc.:

· Milestone Marketers: Suddenly Seniors (Age 64+) offers a 124,000 name 1-month hotline and costs $75/M.

· Milestone Marketers: Boomers Still Working (Ages 50-64) offers a 202,200 name 1-month hotline and costs $75/M.

· Milestone Marketers: generation ‘Next’ (Ages 25-44) offers a 476,400 name 1-month hotline and costs $75/M.

· Milestone Marketers: New Credit Entrants (Ages 18-24) offers a 73,700 name 1-month hotline and costs $75/M.

· Milestone Marketers: 49: The New 50 (Ages 45-49) offers a 101,600 name 1-month hotline and costs $75/M.

Selects on these lists include geography, gender, income, age, presence of children, home owner, marital status, ethnicity, religion, mail order buyer and others.

Walter Karl Debuts Maternity List

Walter Karl, Pearl River, NY, a division of Donnelley Marketing announced the first time availability of the Maternity & More list of expectant mothers.

The Maternity & More list has more than 289,400 pre-natal/expectant mothers. This multi-sourced file reaches expectant women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

It is selectable by geography, income, mail order buyer, credit card and telephone number. The base price is $115/M.

Walter Karl suggests this list for offers such as publications, catalogs, credit card, children’s products, furniture, toys, gifts, educational books and others.

Worldata Gains BTB Files

Worldata, Boca Raton, FL was awarded list management of four business-to-business lists that total more than 600,000 names.

The BCC Research Master File has 495,700 individuals and costs $160/M. The file reaches professionals at industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology organizations that have accessed market research reports, newsletters and conferences.

IBM’s Power Architecture e-Newsletter has 98,700 subscribers that are top-level executives, managers, professionals, decision makers and technology enthusiasts who work for businesses that produce supercomputers, network and communications equipment, consumer electronics, game consoles and other high-tech products. The base price is $250/M.

Asset Protection Executive magazine has 15,600 subscribers who are AP/loss prevention directors, operations directors, security directors and security managers. The base price is $175/M.

Contemporary Long Term Care magazine has 34,600 subscribers and costs $125/M. It covers the long-term healthcare industry, reaching the medical community at nursing facilities, assisted living centers and hospitals with long term care facilities.

Edith Roman Gets Government Publication List

Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY was named list manager for the new-to-market postal and e-mail files for Government Leader magazine.

The Government Leader list reaches more than 72,400 subscribers at postal address. The publication reaches mid-level to senior level manager in federal, state and local government. The base price is $150/M.

The e-mail list has more than 33,500 names and costs $275/M. It is managed by Edith Roman’s ePostDirect division.

Selections on these files include geography, telephone number, job title and business/industry type.

MetaResponse Group Gets List of Parents

MetaResponse Group, Deerfield Beach, FL was awarded management of the new-to-market Clever Island Parents-n-Kids Master File.

Clever Island is an educational Web site for parents with children ages 3-8. The file has 224,200 last-12-month members or trial users. A subscription to the site costs $9.99 monthly.

Selections on this file include recency, gender, geography, age range and exact age. The base price is $75/M.

Millard Offers infoUSA Data

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, a division of Donnelley Marketing/infoUSA, said yesterday that it now offers compiled consumer and business databases sourced through its parent company, infoUSA.

The Millard Group Consumer Database & Lifestyles has 114 million households and 200 million individuals and offers demographic and lifestyle selections.

The Millard Group New Movers and Millard Group New Homeowners databases have 12 million to 15 million new movers and 4 million to 5 million new homeowners within the past 12 months. These databases are updated weekly from private transactional sources and public records.

The Millard Group Business Executive Database has 14 million U.S. and Canadian businesses, selectable by job title, business type, size of business and credit rating.

The databases are fully commissionable to list brokers.

MKTG Adds Risk Assessment Tool

MKTG Services, Newtown, PA, said yesterday that it launched Real America Database Real Insights — Risk Assessment Product, a tool to help mailers make better credit decisions.

The RADB Real Insights tool provides marketers with information on high-risk and sub-prime consumer credit activity aggregated at the ZIP+4 level. It is sourced from the RADB enhanced file of 119 million households, 198 million individuals and 50 million homeowners as well as financial transaction data.

These records are selectable by age, income, home value, children's ages, mail-order buyers, donors and other demographic and lifestyle selections.

RADB Real Insights uses a statistically derived scoring system to identify performance within a geographic area from historical patterns of credit usage and payment behavior. The score is derived from things such as mortgage, retail and other trade line information.

MKTG recommends this product for marketers offering credit of any kind. MKTG is an affiliate of CBCInnovis.

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