LinkedIn adds promoted jobs to its users’ feeds

Yesterday, LinkedIn started surfacing “promoted jobs” to its users in their home page feeds. 

It’s another bit of advertising in the guise of native content on LinkedIn, with employers paying to have their open positions show up in front of eligible candidates.  It’s also a pretty efficient way to get the right jobs to the right people without listing on huge employment sites such as Monster. And unlike Facebook, where ads showing up in the newsfeed might be viewed as intrusive, job opportunities would be a welcome sight for professionals, whether they’re actively looking for jobs or not.

LinkedIn says nearly 30% of its users access the platform through mobile, and it will be bringing the sponsored posts to its mobile apps as well. 

Here’s what the sponsored jobs posts will look like, (via AllThingsD) if you haven’t seen them already (does this mean employers aren’t looking for people like you? …gulp)  

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