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Letter: Why Do Exhibitors Have to Pay to Hear Giuliani at DMD New York?

The letter from Leon Henry was originally sent to Charles M. Cavanagh, president/CEO of DMD Conferences. Cavanagh’s reply follows.

Chuck, I was and am upset to learn that exhibitors must pay $95 per person to hear Rudy Giuliani at the forthcoming [DMD New York] luncheon. As a double exhibitor who has exhibited since the second year of exhibits and one who has attended every New York show, I am deeply disturbed by this action.

Speaking not only for my company but all exhibitors, I find this intolerable. In view of the fact that you are headlining Giuliani as a traffic builder and inasmuch as there will be no activity while everyone tries to hear him, I believe you should reconsider your position immediately.

Your answer is appreciated as I would like to advise all trade publications and trade associations of your response.

Leon Henry, Chairman/CEO, Leon Henry Inc., Scarsdale, NY

[email protected]

Leon, I received the faxed letter you sent to the trade publications and to me. Since then, you and I have been able to have a very fruitful conversation. I am glad that you raised the issues of concern and that you were able to share your reasons with me. Regarding exhibitors needing to pay for the Awards Luncheon — let’s get a few facts straight. For most of the 22 years that we have had exhibits at the DMD conference, our exhibitor package included booth rental and an afternoon exhibitors reception. Beginning in 1999, we provided an exhibitor with two luncheon tickets on the third day of the conference.

Last year, because of the high-level speakers we have been featuring at the Awards Luncheon, some exhibitors expressed interest in attending that luncheon. We created a special exhibitor cost for the luncheon and we’ve done the same this year. I recognize that you find this situation “intolerable,” but for the record, a number of exhibitors have purchased tables for the Monday luncheon for their clients at the full regular rate.

You mentioned to me on the phone about your admiration for Rudy Giuliani and your personal desire to hear him, and I certainly share that sentiment. You also recommended that we set up a place where exhibitors can stand and watch and listen to Mr. Giuliani and forgo the luncheon, as a thank you for sticking with NYC during this challenging time. As I told you, I found this an interesting idea.

However, we have considerably more security issues to deal with for Mr. Giuliani as the DMD luncheon speaker. It is not feasible for people to be standing around in the luncheon area. I am checking with both the Javits Center and Mr. Giuliani’s people to see if we can set up chairs on the balcony with extra security for that area. As you might imagine, we must clear every aspect of what we are doing at that venue with them. Both Javits and Mr. Giuliani have very, very strict guidelines to which we must adhere. I’m sure you can appreciate these restrictions.

Finally, I am pleased that the direct marketing community has rallied around our efforts to expand the DMD Marketing Conference & Expo to the professional surroundings at the Javits Center. I look forward to catching up with you at your booth, and I hope many others will as well.

Charles M. Cavanagh, President/CEO, DMD Conferences

New York

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