Letter: Privacy Concerns Derailed Carnivore Anti-Terror System

Regardless of one’s party affiliation, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear wisdom from the mouths of presidents, even past ones. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised by Bill Clinton’s remarks in DM News’ online exclusive coverage (July 26) of the Donnelly Privacy Summit that “the right software screening program” might have averted the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Regrettably, a post 9/11 attempt to put just that software in place (the lamentably-named Carnivore system) was decried and derailed by privacy advocates. Thus, we are tragically vulnerable to yet another lesson from the terrorists, who yearn to give us the ultimate privacy of the grave.

Perhaps this disaster in the making merits some documentary and congressional attention from those whose true mission is to save American lives, rather than sacrificing them for the sake of partisan ambition.

Terry Nugent, Vice president of marketing, Medical Marketing Service Inc., Wood Dale, IL

[email protected]

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