Lattice Engines Tries to Rev Up Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Lattice Engines, one of the early players in predictive analytics for lead scoring, is at Dreamforce touting a new plug-in for Salesforce1 that it hopes will knock out a few more bricks of the wall separating marketers and salespeople.

The plug-in, Buyer Insights CRM, is natively integrated into the Salesforce1 app used extensively by on-the-go account executives to access information on leads, contacts, and suggested actions. Lattice Engine’s new addition aims to make access to updated information easier, increasing usage by salespeople and fostering more collaboration with marketing.

“By embedding the predictive recommendations and insights directly into a sales rep’s workflow, our customers will be able to bring marketing and sales teams together,” said Lattice CEO Shashi Upadhyay.

Leads and accounts scored by Lattice are presented as recommendations on the Salesforce dashboard, providing a deeper dive on the facts behind the scores. Talking points covering company news and purchase history are suggested to reps heading to appointments. Managers, in turn, get reports on which reps are following up on leads and which aren’t.

“It’s providing access to the same type of data to both salespeople and marketers. It’s creating more transparency,” said Caitlin Ridge, Lattice’s director of communications. “Everything’s in the dashboard, cutting down on prep work. Marketing can adjust what they want included and update it in real time.”

What Lattice is attempting with its new plug-in is akin to prescription drug compliance programs. “The most beautiful algorithm in the world doesn’t work if no one is utilizing the results it provides,” observed Sirius Decisions Research Director Kerry Cunningham in a Lattice press release. “It’s all about the last mile to make sure it’s all operationalized.”

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