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Land O’Lakes to use NetSuite OneWorld

Land O’Lakes is using the
enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution OneWorld,
NetSuite announced May 16 at SuiteWorld 2012 in San Francisco, the business
software provider’s annual conference.

Land O’Lakes, a member-owned agricultural cooperative made up of 300,000
farmers, approached NetSuite because it needed to centralize its data, said
Baruch Goldwasser, Netsuite’s e-commerce marketing manager and market expert.

The cooperative will use OneWorld to expand its global business in Mexico,
China and the U.S., NetSuite said in a statement. While the Land O’Lakes
corporate headquarters will continue using Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
ERP solution, NetSuite said in a statement, but OneWorld will be used to
support many subsidiaries. NetSuite’s platform can be used in different languages,
currencies and tax structures, said Andy Lloyd, GM, e-commerce products at

OneWorld was designed to allow companies to standardize their ERP processes. Land O’Lakes, based out of Arden Hills, Minn. intends to use OneWorld to run multiple businesses — its
global subsidiaries — in a seamless, stable, scalable way, NetSuite said in a

On May 15, NetSuite announced that the Girl Scouts of the United States of America had signed on
to use SuiteCommerce, an e-commerce platform designed to connect CRM and online
stores. The Girl Scouts will use it for its own stores, selling gear and other
items to members, said Goldwasser.

“They came to us because they needed an integrated solution,” Goldwasser
said. “Each troop had its own system, and they wanted a single system to bring
them together.”

Lloyd added that NetSuite’s new customers reflect that brands are “practically waving a white flag and saying [their current solution] wasn’t working.”  

Neither Land O’Lakes nor the Girl Scouts of the United States of America were immediately available
for comment.

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