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Knoll Generation by Fathom

For the launch of its new Generation model chair, office furniture company Knoll looked to creative agency Fathom Communications for a Web site that conveyed the intra-office freedom of movement that the chair offers.

“Knoll came to us and said that for so long the office environment has had very rigid ways in which you sit and work, and that’s not a realistic view of what the office is anymore,” explains Mark Leger, managing director at Fathom Chicago. “It has really evolved into a place of collaboration and freedom of movement.”

Launched in late June and featuring the tagline “Sit how you want,” the Flash site features rich-media product demonstrations and branding tools that aim to capture the chair’s functional design. Rich media features include a branding video and a viral video flipbook.

“[The flipbook] is an interactive way to show the chair’s movement and to get people playing with that movement,” Leger says. “Giving people the ability to forward it on gave it a viral aspect that was also important,” he adds.

Art Director
Noah Ross

Kit Cramer

Flash Production
Aaron Schmidt

George Stocker

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