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ISP Mythbusters: How to Send Better Emails

What are Internet Service Providers (ISPs) really looking for in your emails? It’s the million-dollar question on every email marketer’s mind—especially considering Return Path found that 1 in 6 emails never reach your customer’s inbox. That’s nearly 20% of your emails that your customer never sees!

To make matters more complicated, email is evolving—it’s no longer enough to just get into your customer’s inbox, your emails must engage your customer. ISPs today are watching how your customers engage with your messages more than ever before. So what does this mean for your emails?

Matt Moleski, Senior Director of National Customer Security at Comcast, has the answers! Join him as he fields your top questions about ISPs and email abuse, and shares actionable insights into how to send better emails.

Tune in to learn:

  • What kind of emails ISPs are really watching out for
  • How engaging your customers could impact your deliverability
  • Best practices for email compliance
  • What’s next in the email landscape
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