InfoUSA Buys Triplex Direct Marketing

InfoUSA, Omaha, NE, confirmed yesterday that its Donnelley Marketing division acquired data processing firm Triplex Direct Marketing Corp. in February for $7.6 million.

Sheila Martin founded the Novato, CA, firm about 29 years ago and will remain a consultant for the company under its new ownership. The service bureau specializes in merge/purge, national change of address and fulfillment.

“Triplex is really one of the leaders in the nonprofit fundraising industry in terms of direct mail processing, and that's a niche that Donnelley really didn't have a stronghold in,” said Lorne Groe, who has assumed the role of president at Triplex. His former role at infoUSA was vice president of finance and acquisitions for Donnelley. “It was really a move to get into a new market.”

In addition, about 20 percent of Triplex's clients are catalogers, an area in which Donnelley does have a strong presence, he added.

Triplex has about 100 employees, and most have stayed on. Donnelley also plans to add sales staff, open an additional location and expand the company's scope.

“We are going to open an office in Washington, DC, since about half of Triplex's customers are in DC, being that they are nonprofit organizations,” Groe said. “Initially the goal is to build on what Triplex already does but eventually we would like to do a lot more in terms of selling data, which is a strongpoint of infoUSA, and providing analytics, which is a strongpoint of Donnelley.”

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