Infogroup removes former Yesmail president, SVP

Infogroup removed Mike Hilts, president of its interactive unit, and Tim Price, the unit’s SVP of sales and marketing, from their positions effective May 9.

Infogroup made the personnel changes after consolidating five of its data and marketing services brands into a single sales group. The new unit comprises former Infogroup subsidiaries, including Yesmail, the former company of both Hilts and Price. Infogroup merged its Yesmail and Walter Karl Interactive divisions into a combined interactive division in January 2010.

“As part of the reorganization, Hilts has become a consultant to the company, helping to continue to develop our digital strategy and help with the integration of the new organizational changes,” Infogroup said in a statement. “[Price] is no longer with the company. He’s pursuing new opportunities. We’re pleased with the work he did, but he’s no longer with us.”

A company source declined to comment on whether Hilts and Price were fired or laid off, or whether their positions will be filled or eliminated as part of the consolidation.

The Omaha, Neb.-based company also promoted Lou Paglia to SVP of product and emerging business. He will report directly to chief product officer Gemma Postlethwaite. Timothy Fitzgerald was promoted to global marketing director at OneSource, an Infogroup company.

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