*Impower Debuts E-Mail Cooperative Database

NEW ORLEANS — Impower, Princeton, NJ, yesterday introduced ImpowerBase, an e-mail prospecting database that seeks to aggregate data from 1,700 list sources and about 285 million e-mail addresses that are currently available on the market.

The announcement was made at the Direct Marketing Association’s fall conference here.

ImpowerBase would function as a cooperative database administered and supervised by independent third parties, according to Donn Rappaport, chairman/CEO of Impower, an online marketing firm that was spun off earlier this year from American List Counsel.

“The value of multisourced databases in the postal world is well-known,” Rappaport said. “Now it’s time to apply this proven methodology to e-mail.” As an incentive for list owners to participate in the database, contributors will receive one name for each name they provide.

All lists included in the database would be audited by Impower’s eScore rating system, which ranks the level of permission used to accumulate the e-mail names. Lists receive an eScore rating between one and nine, with one representing the highest level of permission and privacy protection, and nine representing spam.

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