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Illinois entrepreneur named Small Business Person of the Year

Entrepreneur Victory
Entrepreneur Victory

Illinois’s Jackie Jackson, proprietor of several Kilwins chocolate stores across Chicago, has earned the notable title of Illinois Small Business Person of The Year. The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Great Lakes region presents this award, acknowledging the dynamic dedication of an extraordinary entrepreneur.

The honor recognizes Jackson’s exceptional aptitude in managing the challenges of her multiple stores, including adversities like store robbery, personal issues, and the effects of the pandemic. Mrs. Jackson has shown indomitable courage despite these hardships, persistently rising above these trials.

Joining the ranks of previous high-profile recipients such as Ben and Jerry’s, Chobani, and Callaway Golf validates Jackson’s commitment to excellence and trademarks her as a prominent figure among these renowned brands.

Illinois entrepreneur’s commendable business journey

Her triumphant business journey reflects her remarkable leadership skills and unwavering dedication.

The news of Jackson’s triumph surfaced during National Small Business Week, an event to commemorate small businesses’ instrumental contributions to the nation’s economic and community development. This recognition comes amidst a significant surge in new businesses across Illinois and the United States, manifesting the robust growth enjoyed by the sector during the challenging times.

Jackson’s journey from educator to successful businesswoman has inspired many. Her operations have significantly contributed to generating employment opportunities and fostering economic growth. From one candy shop to multiple Kilwins outlets, Jackson’s tale of perseverance is a testament to her business acumen and enterprise proficiency, making her the deserving awardee this year.

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