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How to Effectively Analyze Your Business TikTok Account’s Data

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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world today. The opportunities to become famous, rich, or achieve any goals of recognition on this app are endless. Since its launch in September 2016, TikTok has led people to become more famous or successful than they ever imagined. If you’re looking for ways to find and measure your success and the efficacy of your business TikTok account’s data, stick around to learn what you need to know. 

Getting Started

Getting started on TikTok can be hard, especially if it’s a business account. The algorithms on TikTok are complex, and it’s really difficult to predict who is going to end up seeing your content on their For You Page. However, once you have started establishing that growth and following, (which can be done by anyone if you remain consistent and dedicated) understanding your metrics is vital to tracking your growth.

The main markers of growth are fairly obvious—likes, followers, comments, etc. Those numbers are great to get an initial taste of the impact your contact is having and who is watching it. But there are other, stronger, and more helpful TikTok metrics that go far beyond those numbers.

Business Account

First of all, in order to view your metrics, you must make sure that you are operating on a business TikTok account. Anyone with a business setting on their account can view their account metrics, and it is completely free of cost. In order to switch from a personal account to a business one, go into the settings and privacy tab on your profile page. From there, simply tap Manage Account, and under Account Control, click “Switch to Business Account.”

Once you do this, you will have full access to the metrics to measure the success of your videos. To personalize it even more, you can also specify the type of business or category that best describes your work. This allows you to have the most accurate results. 

TikTok Analytics

 TikTok analytics are organized into four distinct categories: Overview, Content, Followers, and LIVE.


The overview tab is helpful for seeing the big picture of your account. You can customize it so you are seeing the information from a specific time period, whether that be the last week, month, or any random time. For example, if you selected the week of January 11-18, it would show you the net amount of followers you gained that week. This is particularly helpful because it allows you to see the impact of each video you post.

You can also see the number of views your profile has gotten during the time period in which you have selected. This allows you to know how much traffic your page is getting. The overview page even shows you the number of shares your videos are getting. This provides a strong insight into the types of content people are wanting to engage with.

Lastly, the strongest asset for your business that comes with the overview page is that each part, followers, shares, views, etc., has a positive or negative percentage along with it, showing you growth rates. 


The next section of TikTok analytics is the content page. This is more specific to each video, showing you the views, comments, and likes within each time frame you select. Essentially, this tab allows you to measure which videos are popular and trending currently. Or during the time period you choose.

It also shows you the total playtime. This is the total amount of time people have spent watching your videos. It is extremely useful when compared to other videos’ play times.

Another unique aspect of content analytics is that it shows you where the views are coming from. Basically, it allows you to see if people viewed your video by anything from a hashtag to a music sound to a search. This tab is fairly straightforward, and ultimately, it is really helpful for keeping everything organized within your videos. 


The next research tab within TikTok is the Following page. These numbers making up your business TikTok account’s data are incredibly useful. This is especially true if you are struggling to determine your target audience. Or, if you already know your target audience, you can see whether or not your videos are catered to the right audience you are seeking based on this data.

Within this tab, all of your account’s followers are organized into demographics. You can see the percentage of males versus females that follow you, new followers gained, and your growth rate. You can also see where people are from, which followers are the most active, and much more. Getting to know who your followers are and what they like to watch could be the key to your business success on TikTok.


The final aspect of TikTok analytics is the LIVE feature. This page shows you the number of times you go live. This helps if it is something you and your business partake in. It is very similar to the content information page, only it is specific to Live videos only. 


Unfortunately, TikTok can be a platform of immense luck. This means there is no guarantee which video or account goes viral or gets famous fast. However, with a dedication to your video content and analyzing your business TikTok account’s data, your ability to achieve true results and success within your business will be within reach.

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