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How to Achieve Personalization at Scale and Optimize the Customer Journey

Consumers are now in control of the relationship with your Brand. The explosion of mobile devices, social networks and Big Data represents the largest opportunity in history for direct-to-consumer marketers, but the hype surrounding Big Data has outpaced marketing’s ability to harness the power of this unprecedented tidal wave. Hyper-personalized engagement is what is expected by Millennials and Generation X now – the communication noise floor is high and time is the new currency.
How can machine learning improve your personalization and engagement strategies? And how can you use this to provide the best interactions with your customers at their touchpoints?

Join Steve Zisk and Bill Porto from RedPoint Global to learn about:
• Different models and methods to build a deeper, more relevant understanding of each individual customer (behaviors, preferences, needs, wants, and more across their entire lifecycle).
• How to apply machine learning to predict behavior, segment audiences, and generate product recommendations.
• Practical data requirements, basic “do’s and don’ts”, and how you can make machine learning work for you.
We will also show some examples of machine learning tools and models in action.

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