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Holiday Sales Secrets Using Social Media

Most people are on social media daily. If you aren't, you're losing a great opportunity this holiday season and giving it to your competitors.
Most people are on social media daily. If you aren’t, you’re losing a great opportunity this holiday season and giving it to your competitors.

Most people are on social media daily. If you aren’t, you’re losing a great opportunity this holiday season and giving it to your competitors.

Here are some important strategies to use social media to your advantage this holiday shopping season. We live in a world where social media is required for marketing.

According to a recent report, 80% of Internet users are on social media. Statista reports that among those aged 18 to 29, 90% use social media, while those aged 30 to 49 use 82%. Even senior Americans (age 65+) utilize social media.

In short, even if you dislike social media, your business must be on it. Holiday shoppers spend big.

Despite the epidemic, a recent retail survey predicts buyers will spend $1,387 per home this year. This year, more purchasing will likely be done online. According to this same survey, roughly 51% of holiday shoppers are afraid of crowds in stores, and 66% prefer buying online.

Even when they aren’t buying online, customers are seeking gift ideas and reviews on social media. Here is how to get their attention — and orders.

Recognize Photo and Video Power

In a store, customers will pick something up, touch it, feel its weight, flip it around to examine all sides, and read labels.

Online, we lose our sense of touch. However, photographs and movies can recreate some of the feelings.

Post appealing photographs of your items or services on social media. Post product demo videos as needed. In addition, share photos of features that customers might notice. Of course, provide links in your postings. In this way, customers can buy the product or obtain additional information.

Holiday Promotional Contests

Some contests work and some fail. Some contests fall flat and do not pique your clients’ interest. However, with a little trial and error, you can find one that works.

If you already have one, alter it for the holidays. If it was an in-store contest, make it holiday-themed. Set realistic expectations before the contest. Make your contest or promotion about fun, not sales. Instead, collect leads. Building your email and postal mailing lists is equally valuable.

Marketing Online for the Holidays

Compared to print, digital marketing is cheap.

What if you only paid to have your ad seen by those within 10 miles of your business? What if you exclusively targeted men aged 18-24 or married parents? This allows you to place your ad in front of the most potential buyers. This is a lot cheaper than print ads. With social media, you reach thousands of individuals for maybe $5 each day.

If you’re new to social media advertising, start with Facebook. Its platform guides you through the process. It’s easy and fast to create an ad and start taking advantage of holiday sales excitement.

Bring a Sense of Urgency to Your Holiday Sales Event

Take Amazon’s lead. “Two days remain to order and receive your shipment by December 25,” they say on their website during the holidays.

Amazon builds urgency. You too can create it by saying a product is limited. In addition, encourage your customers to beat the crowds before a certain day.


Few individuals use social media for ads. They can watch TV for that. People use social media to connect and find a sense of community.

Consider the top brands. Coca-Cola’s 89 million Facebook fans love the stunning photographs, videos, and other community-building postings they see there. For Halloween, they showed how to carve a pumpkin into a cooler.

Make your page about making people happy. Solve an issue, express gratitude, or thank them for their participation. It must be soft in order to sell. Instead of promoting your next sale, offer a voucher or a free gift.

Consider Holiday Business Partners

Unless you pay, Facebook will probably only show your material to 10% of your fans.

What if you cross-posted with other (presumably non-competing) local businesses? You post their material and they post yours. In addition, don’t just advertise your newest sale; educate others about you. Build connections and make friends.

Boost Your Store’s Followers

If you have a physical storefront, make social media business cards. Let them know that you’re giving away web-only holiday coupons on social media.

In addition, make it exclusively online, not at your store.

Try Not to Be Everywhere During the Holidays

There are several social media sites. You don’t have time for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.? Concentrate on one or two especially during holiday seasons.

Instagram is a must for younger clients. However, use Facebook for elderly customers.

In Conclusion

This holiday season, don’t ignore social media.

It’s a race to reach your clients before your competitors do. Make it about brand education and gifts, not hard selling. Coupons, freebies, holiday tips, or just a thank you make excellent content for social media marketing.

Above all, keep trying to find out what works for you and your customers. If something doesn’t work, try something else!

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