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Hilarious “Client from Hell” video highlights the unreasonable expectations of SEO

We’ve all been there. A potential client calls and wants the impossible in a few days. There’s some murky reason for the work, and even if you bust a gut to get the project done, the chances of your recommendations being implemented on their end is minimal.

So are the chances of you getting paid.

Enter The Client from Hell, a Linkdex production written by AOL’s Audience Development chief Simon Heseltine.

What’s refreshing about this video is it turns the tables and is about the client; a rare finger-pointing at some of the irksome people we run into now and again who refuse to listen, set unreasonable expectations, are ill informed, mean and who are simply commercial time-bombs waiting to go off in a bad way.

I spend a lot of time at digital marketing conferences around the world, and nearly all the “SEOs” I meet are extremely smart marketers from both a technical and commercially creative point of view.

It’s fabulous a group of them have got together to have a bit of fun, raise a smile and hopefully embarrass the Mr (or Ms) Digitalis’ of this world to think twice about crossing Google or Bing!

Wish we could “flick the switch” and turn these kind of clients off!

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