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Helen Bernhard Bakery celebrates 100 years of service

"Bakery Centennial Celebration"
“Bakery Centennial Celebration”

Helen Bernhard Bakery, a mainstay in Northeast Portland, is commemorating its 100-year journey. Founded in 1924 as a home service by Helen Bernhard, the bakery quickly transformed from a small home operation to a cornerstone of the Portland food scene.

Although the bakery has undergone several ownership changes, the essence, original recipes, and commitment to quality have remained unaltered. The bakery’s loyal patrons still look forward to Helen’s moist coffee cake, crispy homemade bread, and fluffy, delicious doughnuts.

This centennial celebration not only marks the bakery’s longevity but also underscores its vital role in serving as a meeting ground for the community through good times and bad. Despite the rise of big chain bakerries, the bakery stands as a stark reminder of the enduring charm of homemade baked goods.

Lauded as one of Portland’s pioneering female entrepreneurs, Bernhard’s commitment and determination continue to be the guiding principles for the bakery. Her tenacity earned her respect amongst employees and patrons alike and still serves as an inspiration for many.

The bakery’s current owner, Michael Snaadt, recognises the significant role Helen Bernhard played in the bakery’s successful stint.

Centennial milestone for Helen Bernhard Bakery

According to Snaadt, the secret lies in carrying forward Bernhard’s legacy by upholding the same high standards and dedication that she embodied.

Starting from a small garage, Bernhard’s baking skills and overwhelming response allowed her to expand larger operations. Many of her profits were dedicated to charitable causes, further endearing her in her community.

Helen Bernhard Bakery stands unbeatable in its commitment to quality and sheer love for baking. What makes it unique is its large variety of baked goods and active role in the local community, contributing to communal harmony.

Rob Fisher, the lead baker, and long-time patron Rhonda Sater express their appreciation for the bakery’s consistency in quality and time-tested recipes. As part of centenary celebratory activities, the bakery plans to highlight a historically significant cake each month at a promotional price.

The centennial celebrations are seen as an opportunity to extend gratitude towards the bakery’s loyal customers. As it steps into its next century, Helen Bernhard Bakery continues to stand tall in its dedication to quality, keeping its patrons at the heart of all it does.

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