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Harte-Hanks president of direct marketing departs

Gary Skidmore, EVP and president of direct marketing at Harte-Hanks, Inc. is leaving the company, according to a company statement. The release states that Skidmore has been with the company since 1994, when the agency acquired Skidmore’s marketing services firm Select Marketing, of which he was CEO and founder.

According to an executive profile in Businessweek, Skidmore oversaw at Harte-Hanks areas in direct marketing, corporate development, human resources, and marketing. 

Prior to working at Harte-Hanks and Select Marketing, Skidmore was VP of marketing for Sweet Publishing, a Christian educational company and church supplier. 

In a release, Harte-Hanks stated that Skidmore’s last day with the company will be July 31, 2012, and that the current chairman and CEO of Harte-Hanks, Larry Franklin will be taking over the agency’s direct marketing business.

Harte-Hanks was unable to be reached for comment on Skidmore’s departure.

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