Harte-Hanks launches platform to make tech contacts available to marketers

Harte-Hanks Inc. has launched an e-commerce platform designed to provide small and emerging technology marketers and sellers easy access to technology contacts across North America, Europe and South America.

San Antonio TX-based Harte-Hanks said the new Web site, http://www.citdb.com , allows technology companies with small marketing budgets to search and select contacts from the Harte-Hanks Ci Technology Database (CiTDB), a source of technological content from 700,000 business sites on three continents.

CiTDB.com users can focus their search on a very specific geographical area or market sector, and rent a list of contacts they want, entirely online by credit card. The data made available are name, company, mailing address and telephone number based on the user’s query, but without the location’s technology profile information that is only associated with a full CiTDB subscription. Further, citdb.com customers – typically small and medium businesses – are subject to the full terms and conditions for use of CiTDB data, which includes restrictions for marketing use only.

The platform provides 24-hour access to a choice of more than 15 list selects based on installed technology intelligence from the CiTDB. Users can define their search to be as broad or as pinpoint-accurate as needed. They can target specific geographic areas by state, area code, ZIP or postal code, or major metropolitan area. Additional targeting can be achieved by industry and business size, Harte-Hanks reports.

The site is designed to serve international markets, offering intelligence from more than 20 countries including North America, Europe, and South America. Users provide payment with a major credit card and receive their selected marketing lists online.

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