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Hachette Filipacchi awards lists to RMI Direct

RMI Direct Marketing will become the first out-of-house list manager for Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. beginning Jan. 1.

Hachette Filipacchi Media owns enthusiast magazine brands such as American Photo, Popular Photography & Imaging, Woman’s Day, Elle and Premiere. Its print publications reach 50 million readers monthly.

“RMI is planning to bring the leadership to expand deeper into the markets they already have,” said Martin Stein, president of RMI, Danbury, CT. “We will bring to the table new products, modeling and expanding their enhanced data while maintaining the level of customer service that has always been a trademark of Hachette Filipacchi Media list management.”

For the past 26 years, the company had managed its subscriber lists in-house. The move was made with expectations of expansion.

Alan Zamchick, list director of HFM, said in a statement that HFM is expanding its scope through the partnership with RMI, which was chosen for its strategic thinking, cross-market penetration and robust sales force.

Cyndi Lee, manager of business development and RMI’s publishing expert, will lead the HFM U.S. team at RMI.

“We’re going to be working closely with Hachette on strategic planning and bringing products like modeling to market with other new databases that weren’t available before,” Ms. Lee said.

RMI and New York-based HFM U.S. will announce new products and selections soon, including new modeling initiatives, additional targeted enhanced segments and new source selections.

“They have many titles among multiple markets, so no matter what type of market, Hachette has a broad range of titles to select from,” Ms. Lee said.

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