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Growth Strategies for Pinterest

growth strategies on pinterest

Pinterest works well for some businesses. The platform is very powerful when it comes to driving traffic to a website or blog. It allows a business to grow its audience by reaching people it might not have been able to reach on other platforms. It also helps to increase sales by generating leads to online stores. These growth strategies mean Pinterest is not strictly a social network.  It is more of a visual platform that helps users to collect inspiration and enables users to post images.

Users find inspiration on Pinterest for different areas such as fashion, lifestyle, decor, and health among others. Pinterest allows users to curate and share content that they like. Below includes ways in which a brand can grow traffic on Pinterest.

Use keywords

To win in the game of visibility and discoverability on Pinterest, it is important to find the right keywords for a business. A list of possible keywords should be made for a business and then they should be used in the profile description, pin image, board title, and board descriptions. Specific keywords should be used on pins and boards to increase the chances of being discovered by different audiences with different needs. For instance, a fitness studio creates a board called, ‘Yoga poses to reduce backache’ instead of ‘How yoga transforms’. Pinners normally type exactly what they are looking for and a business would want to show up for them.

Create shareable pins

A business should create pins that are so unique that people would want to re-pin them. The logo or icon of the business also needs added to the pins to increase brand awareness. Quote images are very popular among pinners. The quotes do not have to be original. They can be entrepreneurs, historical figures, and celebrities. Quotes from different kinds of people can also help a business to reach a more diverse audience.

Humor is also very popular. Some fun and humor can also be added to the content so that the audience can enjoy a chuckle. Use tools like Canva to create infographics as pinners like infographics too.

Post the right amount of pins

Posting is a growth strategy, but the target audience should not feel overwhelmed by too many pins. More than a couple of images should not be used within a couple of minutes. Dedicate a specific time of the day to expanding the Pinterest channel.

Add shareable images to blogs

If a business has a blog on its website, create a couple of Pinterest images to link back to the blog post or video content. The purpose of this would be that the people can share content straight from the website of a business to their boards which would help the business drive traffic.

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