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Fueling the Intelligence Behind Next Best Products

Customer value increases dramatically with repeat purchases. The more you know about your customers’ buying patterns, the better your chances are to identify future demand. MeritDirect uses what it calls Next Logical Product (NLP) intelligence to predict best product selling opportunities. Any marketer looking to increases wallet share and repeat purchases can use NLP to develop or improve targeted customer interactions, as well as create direct marketing promotions that will lead to expanding the value of their customer base.

Join us to hear:

  • Ronald Rodd (Director of Analytics, MeritDirect) & Kevin Hope (Senior Marketing Analyst) describe how MeritDirect applies predictive analytics to add value to existing customer relationships by identifying those products customers are most likely to buy next.
  • Mike Watschke (Director, Predictive Analytics, SAP) discuss how predictive analytics accelerates time to value for businesses by building more models in an easier way.
  • Al Urbanski (Editor-in-Chief, Direct Marketing News) examine the current state of predictive analytics adoption among marketers and the opportunities that presents.
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