Facebook introduces App Center

Facebook has launched its first-ever app store, which is intended to make the app experience more social for users, says Malorie Lucich, platform communications manager at Facebook.

“The goal of the app center is to make it easy for people to find apps through their friends,” she says. “You’ll only see high quality apps in the App Center, with ratings based on user engagement and feedback.”

There are already more than 600 apps available, including ones from Stitcher Radio, Nike+ GPS, Pinterest and Goodreads. “The App Center will introduce more types of apps to more people, such as food, fashion, fitness and travel apps.” Lucich says. “Particularly apps that might have been harder to find.”

Matt Wyndowe, a product manager at the company, noted in a statement that the apps in the App Center will be tailored based on customer reviews and feedback.

Because of Facebook’s rich database of information about its users, the App Center can recommend apps to users based on their self-described interests. The App Center will also be available on Facebook’s mobile site, Lucich says. If an app has a mobile component, the request will be sent and downloaded onto a user’s phone, she says.

The App Center was designed by Facebook itself, and not by any third-party developers, she says. Facebook had its IPO May 18.

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