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EverBank taps Carton Donofrio Partners as AOR

Online banking and financial service firm EverBank Financial Corp has named marketing communications firm Carton Donofrio Partners (CDP) as its AOR.

“EverBank is a really dynamic organization with a real commitment to doing things in an original and different way,” said Jamie Rice, Chief Strategy Officer at CDP. “So this gives us an opportunity to do some new things to find ways to reach customers in different ways.”

As part of EverBank’s long-term growth initiative, CDP will create a digital ad targeting high earning prospects in the hopes of increasing acquisition among that demographic in the second quarter of 2009.

“As an online institution, clearly EverBank is primarily focused on ways to engage people who are predisposed toward doing all of their banking online,” Rice continued. “In the past, they have focused on rate because they have a real advantage there. I think what were going to be trying to do is bring a sense of brand. We will be expanding beyond where they’ve been online as well is into other media.”

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